Storyteller by heart | Writer by nature | I envision strategy and embody words into action

My name is Andrea.  The name Andrea is derived from the word “strong”. I have a strong sense for what the eye can not see but what can be felt. What is hidden beneath the surface. I master the power of words and how words can be put into action.

My creative, artistic views combined with my strong analytical and business approach make me an exceptional story. As there a not many poets who also have both a Master Degree in Criminology and Financial Law and have worked in finance for more then a decade. I know how to envision strategy and embody this into words. Your words.

Having a passion for art, the ocean, nature, surf and yoga my aim is to uplift my surrounding through my presence, through the content I write.  To be of benefit: as words can inspire. And words can destroy. Let’s choose well!